No matter where you live, home security and safety have become paramount. There’s a reason some of the most promoted items during Amazon’s Prime Day sales events this year were smart home items like outdoor security cameras, video doorbells, and motion-sensor floodlights.
Any potential neighborhood mischief intensifies around Halloween, but you can protect your home against vandals while also making sure that welcome visitors — like trick-or-treaters — stay safe on your property.
Here are five home-related Halloween safety tips to consider for October 31:

Light It Up

Make sure all outdoor lights are working and up the wattage, even for one night only. The better-lit your home is, the more inviting it will be to kids — and the more likely vandals will skip it. On Nov. 1, you can always decrease the wattage if you’d like. Plus, if you plan to illuminate carved pumpkins or paper lanterns, practice fire safety and use LED bulbs rather than real candles. (Via houselogic)

Clear the Way

Remove debris such as leaves, twigs, and dirt from your sidewalk, driveway, and porch to prevent slips and falls. Similarly, position pumpkins, skeletons, gravestones, inflatable ghosts, monsters, and other creatures far from walkable areas; you don’t want anyone tripping — or getting too frightened. (Via ADTsecurity)

Secure Your Pets

Ease anxiety for everyone by relocating dogs to a designated room, which will prevent them from darting out an open door or reacting negatively to an outgoing trick-or-treater who wants to pet them. Alternatively, install a portable gate to keep dogs away from the front door. (Via credit)

Protect Your Vehicle

If you park on the street or in the driveway, your vehicle might be more at risk of damage or theft on Halloween than on a typical night. Make sure all doors are locked and windows are up and park in a well-lit area if possible. (Via fmins)

Encourage Caution

Kids are twice as likely to be hit by a car and die on Halloween than any other day, according to Safe Kids Worldwide. Placing reflective “Watch for Children” signs in your yard near the curb can help remind motorists to slow down and watch for traffic during trick-or-treating hours. (Via houselogic)
The spookiest holiday of the year falls on a Monday this year, but trick-or-treating days and times vary throughout Dane County. Check your local community’s website for details about what’s happening when in your area.
Stay safe out there!

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